The Company

Africana Tents is the leading tent hire service provider. It is the one stop shopping for all your party needs!
Over the years, we have supplied various clients with quality merchandise and meticulous service. We continue to grow every year and add to our already large inventory.

Why use Us?

Customer Support
Quite simply we care. We recognise that a well served client is a happy one - our clients value the level of service we provide during the busy run up period to an event.

We have a committed and skilled work force which we carefully manage and deploy to maximise the benefit for our clients. Our aim is to provide the highest quality of waiting staff to meet all the expectations and needs of our clients.

This ensures that the event we put on is carefully monitored and delivered at every stage from planning to finishing touches.

Partnership and Team Work
Africana Tents views its clients as partners who we work alongside to achieve spectacular results.

One-Stop Shop
We are happy to manage many or only a few of the aspects of your event. We have satisfied customers who only employ us for the hardware/basic elements right across to the other end of the spectrum where they receive a full 'turn key' service.

Value - Cost - On Budget

  • We are acutely aware of the need to provide value.
  • We regularly work and deliver within a precisely defined budget

Tailor made services.
We are committed to working with the client, creating tailor made solutions to suit each of their requirements.

How We Work

1. Analyse the Client's Needs

We like to start the whole planning process by finding out as much about the proposed event/s as possible. Whilst this would include the more obvious things like numbers, the date etc, we are also very keen to understand the style, feel and atmosphere required.

2. Evaluate the Options

We are able to work very quickly on a project, applying an event feasibility study if required, and focusing swiftly upon the best likely marquee solution for the event.

At this stage we would provide a fully costed draft proposal, where we endeavour to highlight all the possible/likely costs, and offer suggestions as to how the budget can be most effectively allocated.

3. Plan the Event

The appropriate team of professionals is then set up. This team works together in the planning stage as each member brings individual skills to the table.

The equipment is provisionally booked against the time period involved.

4. Deliver on our proposals

We operate our own fleet of vehicles to ensure on time delivery and collections.

We also like to build contingencies into our schedule so that any problems (such as adverse weather conditions) do not disrupt the event. We genuinely believe that our experience and advice will prove invaluable, very often saving time, unnecessary stress and money, and most importantly paying dividends in the form of a faultless event.

5. Review the Event

After each event we carry out both internal and external reviews to try and extract thoughts from our clients and our crew on the event, and suggestions for improvement in ANY area of our operation.

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